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  • Participated in the election of the new D5 Neighborhood Committee; 2018.

  • Represented our area during the Viva Calle SJ Bike Ride; 2018.

  • Engaged and continue to work with SJPD and SJ Sheriffs:

    • Driving by the front of the shops and the parking lots more often to help cut back on drug deals, prostitution and loitering.

    • Shut down an illegal "salon" and gambling rings.

  • Feasibility plan to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety going up Alum Rock Avenue from White Rd. all the way to the old entrance of the park. Due to a lawsuit this project has slowed way down. ARVAC has continued to follow this project and we have made requests to this plan to reflect resident priorities.

  • Coordinating with RLEI (Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative) to bring security and improvements to Quik Stop.

  • Speed limit ordinance and the request for radar enforcement for Maro Drive were approved by the Board of Supervisors.

  • Hosted a pit stop at the Village for Viva Calle organized bike ride.

  • Hosting dumpster days.

  • Requested Lowes to install fencing around the OSH property.

  • Working with the Village landlords to continuously make improvements.

  • Working with Latino Business Foundation to encourage and help Village businesses start an official business association.

  • Co-hosted Mayoral 2022 interview at The Foundation for Hispanic Education.

  • Annual One Warm Coat Drive.

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